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Random Ottawa Birds

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   I'm looking for help on these random birds seen today in Ottawa:

1) ???

42208823500_5109268293_z.jpgDSCN9646.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

2) Eastern Wood-pewee?

29080525527_8f5fa8dfc4_z.jpgDSCN9612.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

3) Song Sparrow?  It somehow doesn't look right for a Song Sparrow to me, but nothing else leaps to mind.

43299065654_76b7c634b2_z.jpgDSCN9598.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

4) Tennessee Warbler?  Is there enough here for an id?

43111750125_4c063457ae_z.jpgDSCN9572.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

5) No idea what this clumsy bird is...

43299063574_d6a9646c66_z.jpgDSCN9518.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

6) Pine Warbler?

43111747455_c66570da4c_z.jpgDSCN9495.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr

7) Cape May Warbler?

44017912901_d7e1b2700e_z.jpgDSCN9422.jpg by Darryl Ryan, on Flickr



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22 minutes ago, blackburnian said:

I’m still seeing Nashville here. I think that’s just where the light is peaking through the leaves. 

I think there's a pretty slim chance the light would hit right where both the yellow wing and tail patches are supposed to be on a redstart.  The light wouldn't turn a dark tail bright yellow anyway.

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First, thanks everyone for your inputs.  They were very helpful.

For bird number 4, unfortunately, I don't have any other pictures.  However, American Redstart is making a bit of sense for me.  Zooming in on the picture, I notice that the eye-ring isn't really complete.  It's more two arcs, one above and one below with a faint, dark line through the eye.  This, and the colours on the tail and wing would probably point towards Redstart.

What do you think?

Thanks again!


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