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Several Birds in LA County, Cali

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Hello, Forum!


Yesterday I took my very first birding outing on the West Coast in Hansen's Dam Park in Los Angeles. I had some trouble ID-ing the birds in the following photos. As always, your help is greatly appreciated. One of them (the last photo) nay very well be a feral pet. Thanks, all!

1. Can't tell if this first bird is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet or a Hutton's Vireo

49580659833_7a84783642_o.jpg1-a by degibox, on Flickr

49581158891_fcedcb6d53_o.jpg1-b by degibox, on Flickr


2.  Immature White-crowned Sparrow? Or something else?

49581388852_9c4cf0e0ef_o.jpg2a by degibox, on Flickr

49581158986_8e4e3c3b4c_o.jpg2b by degibox, on Flickr


3. Pretty sure this is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, but just double checking

49581159016_3e6c6f748e_o.jpg3 by degibox, on Flickr


4.  These pictures are bad and this'll be tough.  

49581388957_1df6a3cbae_o.jpg4a by degibox, on Flickr

49581159081_f13166c3ee_o.jpg4b by degibox, on Flickr

5.  What hawk is this?

49581159121_f9fb9f13b6_o.jpg5 by degibox, on Flickr

6. Feral pet?  

49581388932_6077c256c4_o.jpg6 by degibox, on Flickr








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