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I was riding my bike along the highway in yuma Arizona this road is out in the desert. I don’t see many owls out here. I know this is an owl. I think it’s to small for a burrowing owl. Probably a barn or ??  Hated to let this magnificent bird pass without being recognized. Thanks



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6 minutes ago, birdbrain22 said:

This is Barn Owl. Hawks and owls are  common hwy roadkill birds unfortunately... from going after prey on medians and chasing Rock pigeons into underpasses... seen plenty of them on the shoulders but no Barns. 

Tragically, there is a problem in Yosemite with Great Gray Owls getting hit by cars - there are only a couple hundred of them in the entire state, and "they" say that car collisions are the leading cause of mortality.

The proverbial they, I'm not sure who they is but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere... so much for citing your sources

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