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5-16-16 NW AR

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Everyone loves peeps right? Some of these will be easy for you guys... but got a couple in some odd poses...
I'm not going to number them all, too lazy at the moment. The ones with streaky flanks(looking at Sibley's) should be white-rumped?  And I think I have some semipalmated in there? and some least I believe I saw while going through the pics.  There's at least one that seems to have a dark edge to the wing that I'm not sure I'm seeing in the book so I'm confused by that one... 
Northwest Arkansas, May 2016. (side note... one of many downsides to not uploading lists sooner... my notebook got a little damp from sweat in my shirt pocket and a few birds on a few lists got smudged... at least one bird from this list I wont be able to make out... )
Also, most of these photos are of the same group of birds so when I report, I'll go with the highest number in any photo. I think there's two white-rumped... for instance.













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There are indeed, as you mention, White-rumped Sandpipers in the last couple photos. White-rumped and Baird's Sandpipers are larger and longer winged (giving them a more slender look) than the other peeps we have.

There are also Semipalmated Sandpipers, for example the smaller birds in the final photo.

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10 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

I think the larger bird in the 8th photo is a Baird's Sandpiper

That bird has far too much streaking on the upper sides for Baird's and also presents White-rumped's typical pale braces, which Baird's lacks. There are also Leasts in at least three photos. There are two White-rumpeds in the last photo.

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