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Rufous or maybe Allen Hummingbird

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Female Rufous/Allen's can't be IDed without good photos of spread tail, or based on range / time of year. If both Rufous and Allens are possible where you are, then it should be left as Rufous/Allens.

Males are easier to ID based on more obvious differences in tail feather shape (Rufous has a notched R2), color of back (all rufous or only flecked green = Rufous, mostly green could be either but is more likely Allens), and the display.

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Rufous is the only realistic option in that area, Allen's are a more southern and coastal species. Reasonably pure Allen's extend just into the extreme southern coastal Oregon, where they then extensively hybridize with Rufous. By the time you get as far north and inland as Grant's Pass, they should all be pure Rufous. 

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