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I took a series of pictures at one spot at Mitchel Lake Audubon Center here in San Antonio, TX on Saturday 29 Feb. There were a ton of Northern Shovelers that day, but many here I don't recognize. I am not up to speed really well on water fowl. I also recognized in the pictures the Black Necked Stilts. I think the one picture also has an American Avocet, and there were some green winged teals in another area (at least I think that is what they are :). Any help would be appreciated.









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On 3/8/2020 at 7:25 PM, Mark said:

Black Necked Stilts

Note the syntax of this species' name -- Black-necked Stilt. It's a stilt with a black neck, not a black stilt with a neck. "Black" and "necked" form a compound adjective and modify "stilt" together, not independently. Note also that it is "Great Crested Flycatcher," not "Great-crested Flycatcher," as the species certainly lacks a "great crest." Instead, it is a large flycatcher with a crest, so "great" and "crested" are modifying "flycatcher" independently of each other.

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