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Backyard Bird Feeding During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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I'm wondering has anyone seen any good articles and information on feeding the birds at this time during the coronavirus outbreak? I've searched google but all the information I've come across is several years old. Does anyone have any reputable links? I'd really hate to have to take them down! Thanks!

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I've read nothing about this being spread by avians, although I clearly could have missed something again.  I have no plans to change my feeder habits.  Contrary to some social media sites, the CDC announced several weeks ago that avian-to-human transmission is not possible just by licking a birdbath.  :classic_tongue:

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My friend knows that you are bewildered about the virus outbreak this time. It must be said that it affects us all, from humans to animals. However, I don't think that rushing will solve the problem. And maybe the birds won't harm us or affect us.
I read some information from my country that dogs or cats are only able to infect. Go ahead and don't panic, keep calm. This is my opinion, and I'm also having a lot of fun with my birds. Dear friend

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