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Harlan's, Harris', or dark morph Ferruginous Hawk?

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Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. Maybe Harlan's subspecies.

Ferruginous has longer, narrower tipped wings, broader head with longer gape, and clean white underside to primaries and secondaries - even on the dark morphs - without all that barring. 

Adult Harris's is distinctive. Juvenile Harris's would have rusty underwing coverts and a longer, white based tail.

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4 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:

Dark morph Red-tailed Hawk(calurus/alascensis) like this one HERE.

Actually banding near the tips of the outermost primaries (P9 and P10) suggests juvenile Harlan's to me, juvenile dark morph calurus usually would have more solidly dark underside to tips of P9 and P10.

But subspecific identification of Red-tailed Hawks, and especially juveniles, can be difficult and in some cases impossible due to extreme plumage variation even within subspecies.

I would say this is probably Harlan's subspecies.

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On 3/12/2020 at 1:05 PM, Jerry Friedman said:

In addition to the primaries, the white mottling on the head and body is consistent with Harlan's, and the tips of the tail feathers look "spiked", with dark at the tip and white on either side, which is a good sign for juvenile Harlan's, as seen at the Hawkwatch International site.

Bang on!

Additionally, Harris's Hawks in ALL plumages have extensive white base to tail and little or no tail banding.

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