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Mindy Smith

confirm swallows and unknown hawk and gull

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Was at the Fresno-Clovis wastewater treatment plant yesterday and saw what I think are three different types of swallows all together. I think I caught all three in the attached photo - Bank, Cliff, uncertain, and two Tree. Is this correct?

Also, saw nesting hawk at the top of a dead palm that I was uncertain about. I had seen several red-tailed hawks and one that I think was a Cooper but didn't get a good look at it flew by. 

Last was a gull that was sitting in the road, afraid injured but it never got up as we passed in the car so I didn't get a look at the legs. Any thoughts on which immature - was thinking herring. The eye in the first photo looks dark but in the second light.

Thanks in advance





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Posted (edited)

1Tree and cliff.

2 Red-tailed Hawk.

3 Pass.

Edited by Kevin

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Cliff and four Trees

Red-tailed -- if on a nest, there's no way that it's a Cooper's -- besides, wings are way too long for any accipiter

Cal Gull

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