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Ruby-crowned Kinglet (checking)

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Not a great photo, he would not turn around.  Take this morning in Orange County, CA

I think it is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet as I know some are in the area.  



and just a shot of 9 friends that love our newly seeded lawn (at least the seeds).  White-crowned Sparrows and House Finches I believe.



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2 minutes ago, SirVive said:

Definitely NOT a ruby-crowned but I'm not sure what it is - I'd guess fly catcher family. Bill is way too large,  etc.  I'd say yes to the other two id's.  

Yes looks like a Western or Cassin's Kingbird, I'm kind of leaning Western Kingbird.

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4 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Kingbird. Western or Cassin's I will not say.

Bill is clearly too small for Tropical, so I agree its between Western and Cassin's. I think people mistakenly assume Tropical Kingbirds are rare in California in winter.

Beyond that... Western Kingbirds are on the move now, so it could be either. I don't see a white tip on the tail, but that could be due to the photo. Either way, I am leaning towards Western Kingbird but am unsure.

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The bill is way too long and deep for a kinglet of any sort and the obvious white fringes to the greater coverts also rule out kinglets.

Cassin's Kingbird -- the white bit on the face ends at the back of the eye and ends in a sharp demarcation, neither of which feature is typical of Western Kingbird.

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