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These photos were taken in Pell City, Alabama, in mid February, 2020. There were two birds,  resting in a small tree. I observed them  for about 30 minutes, and they did not move at all. I visit this area at least 3 times a day and I have not seen these birds before or since. 

Best regards

IMG_3921 (1).JPG


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Welcome to Whatbird!

Those are leucistic Red-winged Blackbirds. Leucism is an uncommon condition in which there is partial loss of pigmentation in a bird or animal. It's not quite albinism, which is the the complete loss of pigmentation. Very nice find!

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Very exciting to know.  Thank you very much. I think this is my first find I did not have a clue about. I am posting two more photos taken at the same time just a few feet away. This is the same bird with just a slight difference in the view. There is just a hint of yellow feathers on the breast. This looks like very rich, full winter plumage. Maybe an immature Gold Finch? The birds seemed to be very tired. I can only wonder how far they had travelled. I have not done any research to see their range..

IMG_3810 (2).JPG

IMG_3811 (2).JPG

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