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great blue heron

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seen this feb in central nc.

given its behavior and over all shape, i thought it was just another gbhe, but then i got my binocs on it and it threw me. it seems the only possibility for this is a great blue heron. so given the coloring, id have to assume its not an adult. nothing else really fits.


ive got 3 cropped, including one of it flying away, and 1 original.

P2171304 (2).JPG

P2171308 (2).JPG

P2171309 (2).JPG


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thats crazy... when i cropped the pics today i thought to myself, that bill looks a LOT like a double crested cormorant... but then i remembered how it just stood there lookin all heron-like... so i googled a bunch of immature gbhe pics.... didnt match well, but im terrible with anything thats not an adult anything... ... incidentally, there were a handful of dcco in the area.

thanks all

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