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Bottom of the Barrel #3

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the first 2 pics were taken in the summer a couple years ago near youngstown, oh (near PA border). knowing my luck, just a female mallard

third pic is taken in northern ohio near the lake in the summer a couple years ago. again, knowing my luck, just a female red winged blackbird

fourth pic was taken in central nc end of jan. as it flew by i quickly got excited as it very unfamiliar to me. kneejerk thought was some kind of oriole, but the timing is off... so, knowing my luck, its just an eastern towhee

next two pics ... not sure where or when they were taken. likely central OH or central NC. still, looks a lot like an osprey to me... but it seems to lack that massive eyeline

and the last pics were taken in central OH (franklin co.), hard to say what time of year exactly... probably spring time as thats usually when this field floods. i assume all birds in the photos are of the same species. pics were taken out of car window on road so i didnt have time for much of anything besides a drive by shooting. some sandpiper i suppose. 

any help is better than one and is appreciated!




P1311268 (2).JPG

P5110850 (2).JPG

P5110851 (2).JPG






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1 hour ago, Melierax said:

The first species, yes on all your IDs... female mallard, RWBL, EATO, OSPR. I think there is a solitary sandpiper in the last photos but I'm not good at sandpipers.

Definitely some sort of Tringa for the shorebird but I’m not sure exactly

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