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Hawk or Eagle

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The tail is too short for a hawk I think. Just to be clear, I'm not set on Turkey Vulture - I just know it's not a Common Raven. Although it still looks very much like a TUVU to me, I was also considering an Eagle - the tail length and wing shape, and the fact that it was flapping, seem to fit fine for Eagle. I just can't quite get around the head, but Sean could be correct that it's holding something. 

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23 minutes ago, Sean C said:

And zooming in i think the bird is carrying something in it's beak, making it appear curved.

I agree with Sean C. It appears that the bird is carrying something, possibly nest material, that makes it appear as if its beak or head are curved

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3 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I absolutely HATE it when I run out of 'Likes'!!!  :classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry:


2 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:

:classic_angry: I agree!!!! :classic_angry:

I was not out of reactions untill I read these two posts!:classic_angry:

I guess it has refreshed since earlier. I now have some.

I am out after one like?:classic_blink::classic_blink:

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Just to put in my two cents, I can’t see this as a vulture. The wings are too broad and don’t have the right shape. Also, the head should be disproportionately small on the body (more so than exhibited by this bird). I’d call it some type of raptor, perhaps an eagle, but beyond that it is difficult to say. 

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