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Let's See Some Older Photos

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This was back when (wild) Northern Bobwhites were uncommon but regular in Massachusetts - now they are quite rare. This was at Wellfleet Bay on Cape Cod in 2006.


And here's one I like - a Black-backed Woodpecker feeding its kid in Algonquin Park in Ontario in summer 2013.



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After you look at this one-go to my website ( https://www.housleyphoto.com/photos-2/   ) and look around.  I decided yo do a website and a photo aggregator. It is not too hard but unless one wants to dive deeper, it is moderately limited in action and accessibility. After my move I'm going to get started updating again. The website is a show off place, not a retail site, unless you want it to be ;-) ) No one buys photos of nature anymore if they ever did., at least not mine. I sold a framed photo from my wall 4 weeks ago to an employee (for the cost of the frame) to clear out my house for our move.  They can be had larger and much better at Walmart. 


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