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Guatemalan Birds in October

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10 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:

On BirdForum they said the left bird on #2 and the right bird on #3 were immature Altamira Orioles. Those birds are slightly larger too.

What do the rest of you say?

They look more like Altamiras to me too, as well as the first photo. I don't see Spot-breasted often though.

Important: where in Guatemala did you see them? Spot-breasted have a fairly limited range.  According to Howell and Webb even immature Spot-breasted should usually have some visible spotting on the sides of the breast. Altamiras in southern Guatemala are usually more yellow than orange. Size is pretty similar so not sure how much that helps...

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Hm, that's here in the highlands, unless you were on the southern slope - were you up in the mountains or near the coast? But I don't see what else the ones with the spots could be. Bill color and wing pattern both fit. I checked the new Peterson's and it says to check the wings to distinguish the immature Altamiras and Spot-breasted but you can't see the wings on the birds in question.

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