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The large family of American Crows that lives around my house (I call them The Corvid-19) lost one of its members this morning in my backyard. The group was making a horrific racket and mobbing a large bird. I just caught a brief glimpse of the offender as it flew off through the woods. I believe it was on owl, but not entirely certain. However, the culprit left behind these two feathers. Can anyone help me with the ID? (PS. The group is still out there squawking incessantly around the headless corpse of their fallen comrade in the middle of my lawn. They are mourning for sure. Kind of sad really.)



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Thanks everybody. Barred Owl makes sense. I've seen The Corvid-19 harassing them before back in there. And even though Barred Owls aren't supposed to be crow predators, perhaps one had just finally had enough of those crows and took the head off of one out of frustration.

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