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Sound ID - Delaware shore (Sussex County).

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Apologies for the lousy recording and lots of noise in the foreground. Thinking it’s a warbler and although familiar sounding, Im having trouble finding the matching song in my web searches. This little bird appears to be spending evening/nights under the roof of nearby building behind a large alarm bell which shelters him from the wind and room. During the day, I hear him singing emphatically from trees and bushes around the area. I first noticed him about a week ago but never can find him to get a pic and don’t want to scare him at night with a flash cam  

DEL shore song ID 03.22.20-7pm copy.m4a

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interesting... it's a little hard to make out. It has something of a house finch sound to it but the pattern seems to deliberate/organized to me. So I'm not really sure. Do you have binoculars? Can you make out any details on the bird? Size, shape, color, etc... 
Someone else might have a better idea based on the sound alone...  it's quiet but you can hear enough of it I'd assume someone could pin it down for you. :)

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Thank you for your reply, millipede! You’re right — it does sound a lot like a House Finch (with the little upward-scaling trill at the end) but it’s confusing as there’s never any of the the usual chirping and twurtling in between and, like you said, seems too organized/deliberate. I’ll try to get the binocs out tonight and see if I can see it clearly. ?

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