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Hmmm, Massachusetts 2020

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I THINK this is in Massachusetts... Not a great photo and, I can't tell what is the head and what isn't. I started looking at quail in the field guide trying to figure out what I'm seeing... I see spots... Part of me wanted to see a red-shouldered hawk at first but the pattern is NOT right and, that head... which part is the head???  Reminds me of a bobwhite quail head...  but I really can't make out the details I need to. I feel as if I saw a better photo I'd be able to get it no problem but, I'm not sure... I know people more familiar with different species can ID a bird with less in the picture than this sometimes so I'm asking you guys... I'm sure someone will know it and then it will make sense to me.
Got my daughter double-checking where this was taken. My mom sent the photo to her and said a friend took the picture for her...  let's see what she says. If this was in her yard I'd be pretty interested because she doesn't get a ton of birds there...
Seems it was in a neighboring town... possibly Chelmsford or Lowell, MA but either way, middlesex county massachusetts...  I tried using merlin(never did that before) to take a pic of the pic and the results it gave were not even close. Pileated woodpecker, wild turkey, roughed grouse, virginia rail?  ha. 
I hope you guys can do better than that.


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I don't think Norther Bobwhites don't have that dark belly, and they have a different speckle pattern on their sides.  

I'm not sure if its ring necked pheasant or not,  perhaps it's an aberrant or domestic individual? but that tail seems a bit long for bob white I think. 

Edit: Agreed with birdbrain


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30 minutes ago, Melierax said:

Aren't those leaves? I agree with @Jefferson Shank there's too much white on the head for Ring-necked Pheasant. Maybe it's an escaped bird? The facial pattern looks spot on for NOBO though.

Don't think those are leaves, there's no leaves anywhere else showing on the tree. It appears to be a well formed tail. I agree, the facial pattern, as best as we can see it, looks good for Bobwhite, but I'm not sure just how we are seeing its head. If it's looking straight at us, what is the dark spot on its throat? And, as @Birding Boy pointed out, the speckled pattern on its body doesn't look right for a Bobwhite to me, either. 

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A Ring-necked Pheasant would have a much longer tail... and the head would be mostly black with red patches on either side. The bird here has a black and white striped head like the Northern Bobwhites do.


I don't think Norther Bobwhites don't have that dark belly, and they have a different speckle pattern on their sides.  

The  belly color and pattern fits with Northern Bobwhite too. The color and pattern can vary majorly.

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2 hours ago, akandula said:

I know plenty of out-of-North-America species and my first impression of this bird was an escaped male Reeve’s Pheasant with its tail cut off a little.

hmmm...  I just looked at some pictures and, sure looks pretty good to me. And there are at least a few pictures in the results that have shorter tails...


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