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call/song help

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im awful at calls/songs. im familiar with a lot of them, but identifying is very difficult for me.  i heard something yesterday that was altogether unfamiliar. very clear, sharp, loud, and kind of piercing.  i heard the first part a few times. i tried to spot it source but determined it was too deep in the brush. so i got out my phone to do a recording. i only got the last half of it. all i can remember of the first half is that it was 2 distinct notes heard 3 or 4 times with a few seconds between each set (thats all i remember, sorry). the attached recording is the last part and after that i no longer heard it.  it called from the lower 20 feet of a mixed pine/deciduous area in central nc.  it kind of sounds like a hawk, and i get a lot of noise from my red-shouldered's but this was, imo, too close to the ground and too 'small' for that; also the first part (which i was unable to record) was very unhawklike and more.... songbird like.

unfortunately thats all i can give you. thanks for any help!


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hm. it does sound like part of that 2nd recording.... 1. that sucks, cause.. well ya know... its just a european starling... (almost as bad as being 'just a house finch 😉 ) and 2. ive heard a lot of starlings but never like that, usually just a flock of a hundred or so squawking and squeaking at each other.



**edit - @Jefferson Shank howd you know? experience?

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