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Seen yesterday at Loess Bluffs in NW Missouri.  Although it hung out with an Avocet (shown for scale), a pair of Dowitchers, and the ever-present Killdeer, I didn't see any others like it there.  Shot under overcast skies, so the colors may be a bit off.  Also heavily cr  opped.  I'm leaning towards Greater Yellowlegs B/C of the bill length to head ratio.






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Yes, Greater Yellowlegs.  Note that the bill is longer than the head and slightly upturned.

The Greater Yellowlegs' plumage is essentially identical to Lesser Yellowlegs; gray upperparts with white speckling, and white belly. Proportions are more important for separating two species; bill longer than the head and slightly upturned. Larger overall size than Lesser Yellowlegs with longer neck, blockier head, and bigger chest

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On 3/26/2020 at 12:55 PM, smittyone@cox.net said:

Thank you gentlemen.  I was certain that if it was a Yellowlegs, it was the Greater one.  Embarrassingly though, I wasn't even sure it was Yellowlegs at all.  They all look like Sandpipers to me, and there's too many different kinds of those too...



Anybody, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that Yellowlegs *are* actually Sandpipers ...or of the same family, at least.

Otherwise, great information in this discussion; I certainly learned a thing or two, when it comes to IDs.  ...Oh, and GREAT photos, too!  ?

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