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Florida Nightjar ID help.

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Photo (A)

I am from south Florida, and I saw this nightjar hanging out at the base of the forest on December 28th.

I an sure it is not a common nighthawk, but is it either a chuck's will-widow or a eastern whip-poor-will?


Photo (B)

I saw this nightjar in a bunch of mangroves by the water in april a few years ago. Any idea which one it is?



Thanks for your help guys! It means alot to me.




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11 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:
  1. Eastern Whip-poor-will.  Note that it is grayer than Chuck-will's-widow.
  2. pass (for now)

Thanks so much for at least being able to identify one of them! I'll keep that in mind if I see one again.

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Posted (edited)

@Mush, #2 is a Chuck-will's-widow...  Note the remarkably big head. Plumage is variable, ranging from grayish to strikingly rufous, but always intricately patterned. Very similar to Eastern Whip-poor-will but larger, longer-winged, and more rufous. Chuck-will’s-widow has less white in the tail than Whip-poor-will, but can be difficult to see. Strictly nocturnal, more often heard than seen. Listen for a loud whistled song calling its name: "chuck-WILL'S-widow." Sometimes found roosting on low branches during the daytime, especially during migration. Found in forests with mix of pines and deciduous trees.

  1. Eastern Whip-poor-willNote that it is grayer than Chuck-will's-widow.
  2. Chuck-will’s-widow (see above description)


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Thanks Jefferson for all your help and thanks everyone for the compliments. It means alot!

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