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Red-tailed and Broad-winged Hawks...I think

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I took these yesterday and today in Warren Co. Ky (about an hour north of Nashville).  I believe that the first is a Broad-winged Hawk and the second a Red-tailed Hawk.  The third I think is a Red-tailed but just thought I'd check.  The Hawks around here have been making the Crows crazy the last few days.  Thanks.85993683_broadwinghawk1.JPG.1b15db674af93b576f9861e26d97f664.JPG1500105626_backlithawk.thumb.JPG.1b08447e1000fd9908f718b80d03a465.JPG1457233561_redtailedhawkinflight.JPG.5ee6b0806c848a3b47cdc514582c0947.JPG 

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3 hours ago, akandula said:

The first is actually a Red-shouldered Hawk (many thin bands on the tail, translucent crescents, slim appearance). The second and third photos look good for Red-tailed.


34 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

@Jodi Nielson Those are two different birds.  The first is a young Red-shouldered and the last one you posted is an adult.


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hmmm.  They were 6 frames apart with not so great shots in between them.  However, they were dropping below the tree line and popping back up.  Never saw both at the same time.  Thanks for the correction.  Feeling a bit silly, so I'll pay closer attention to what I'm doing in future posts.  Thanks

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