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Almost had one yesterday! A Crow lit on the roof across the street, but flew just as I got outside with my camera! The word must be out among them not to get caught on a roof!!

about 15 minutes ago

OK, I got this one today in Northern New Jersey.. my first owl ever

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For the next challenge, the name of the bird in your picture must start with the letter B. For example, you could use Bewick's Wren, Brown Creeper, Belted Kingfisher, etc. The first word of the name of the bird must start with B, so you can't use Red-winged Blackbird, American Bittern, etc. 

Also, just to make it a little more challenging, you can't use Blue Jays or Black-capped Chickadees because those are too common. 

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Let's change it up a bit. Everyone post your favorite photo of the day, and I'll narrow it down to the max amount allowed in a poll if we get there and put a poll up. Than people can vote on their favorite photo. Person with the most votes is the winner., and can chose the next challenge. I'll be on a pelagic tomorrow, so have your photo up by 9:00 AM EST Monday (6:00 AM Pacific).

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