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about 15 minutes ago

Almost had one yesterday! A Crow lit on the roof across the street, but flew just as I got outside with my camera! The word must be out among them not to get caught on a roof!!

OK, I got this one today in Northern New Jersey.. my first owl ever

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19 hours ago, lonesome55dove said:

Here's the next challenge... 12-27-2020

Three or more upland game birds in the same shot, can be three of the same species or mixed, /ie: quail, grouse, chukar, bobwhite, pheasant, partridge, turkey, etc. 

Good luck! 🙂

Since we are a few pages past the original post I'm bumping this to the current page. 🙂

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23 minutes ago, neilpa said:

How about 4 birds each from different families but not at a feeder or in your own yard to make it more interesting.

Hopefully this is new, I've only scrolled through about a quarter of this thread.

Sounds hard, but it's good. I like it! :classic_smile:

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39 minutes ago, neilpa said:

I was originally thinking 3 but decided 4 would be a more interesting challenge. And more likely to produce an unexpected combo

Waterbirds will probably be our best bet.

example: coot, grebe, duck, and heron. Something like that, right?

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