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TBN Photo Challenge ​?

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On 12/14/2020 at 4:04 PM, lonesome55dove said:

None are rare in my county except for the Rufous-collared but I'm too far away from Mexico to chase one down, lol!!  ?

That goes for me too - except for maybe the Harris.  I have photos of the RCSP but from Peru several years ago 

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3 hours ago, lonesome55dove said:

Ordinarily this would be an easy peasy photo for me to get as Lewis's Woodpeckers are abundant in my neck of the woods but the wind is blowing 20-25mph here today so avian air traffic is very limited. ?

Shortly after I posted the above message I was able to get a Lewis's Woodpecker in flight but then I got side-tracked by a phone call and didn't get back here in time to post it.  

Congrtats! @BlueJay ?

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Just now, IKLland said:

If pic is to poor than I understand

i will be busy tomorrow so I am posting challenge now. 

take a pic of three+ species of birds on your feeders at once, in the same pic. 
is this to easy?? I can make it harder...

The challenge was three gull species, and I think we've done that challenge before 

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