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TBN Photo Challenge ​?

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19 minutes ago, Aaron said:

*stares in Alberta*

Haha, we do get a few crows that stick around, but I’ve never seen one before the end of March.

Elsewhere though, crows commonly harass ravens so shouldn’t be too bad 


7 minutes ago, lonesome55dove said:

I live in South-Central Washington and American Crows are few and far between or at least in my observations. However, Common Ravens are quite plentiful. ?

Well it doesn't have to be an American Crow, it can be Canadian.


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The ravens replace the crows in the winter and then the crows come and replace the ravens in the spring.

Though, both occur during the Spring/Summer just less ravens and more crows. I’m thinking the crows that overwinter here must hangout more around the city centre. 
If I drive about 10 minutes North to the country side near sunset, I can see over 400 ravens fly in over about an hour and a half.
I prefer ravens more for whatever reason. 

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Yesterday in the hour before sundown there were hundreds of crows that flew over the lake where I was photographing.  I think they were landing somewhere a few hundred yards from where I was.  I couldn't see them, but heard a loud cacophony of calls.

Same thing happened last time I was there on Jan. 1, 2021, except I would say there were thousands of them -- waves of 50 to 100 at a time every minute or two, with many stragglers in between each wave.

Next time I'm there I'm going to go see where they are roosting.

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11 hours ago, Aaron said:

I prefer ravens more for whatever reason. 

I can think of a couple. Ravens have a much less obnoxious call and don't try pick through everyone's garbage on my block on trash day. But I've also only seen a couple of ravens in the city vs. the plethora of crows.

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1 minute ago, MichaelLong said:Waterfowl egrets pelican coots shorbs  

Waterfowl, egrets pelicans, coots, shorbs, kingfishers, osprey, harrier, sparrows, warblers, red wing blackbirds, rails, wrens, crows, so on..."......................................................".................................................................................

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On 2/10/2021 at 5:36 PM, Avery said:

How about a picture with three species, each from a different major grouping of birds, ie Waterfowl, BoP (including vultures), sparrows, warblers, flycatchers, thrushes, etc.

Would a photo with a California Scrub-Jay, a Spotted Towhee, and a California Quail meet this challenge?  Thanks! ? 

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