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TBN Photo Challenge ​?

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12 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

We should make it a rule you can’t crop. If we don’t it would be real easy.

That’s a good point. I now realize it’s fairly easy to fake this one. But I trust you guys!

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2 minutes ago, Kevin said:

On the second post from the right is there a bird on that post?

No, if you zoom in on the photo there is nothing there.  I did check the posts because the phoebes like to sit on them, but the phoebes weren't there today.  Of course, there COULD be a bird hidden somewhere in the trees and tall grass...

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8 hours ago, Chris Clem said:


14 years now living in the Ca Hi Desert and my total Waterfowl count is still zero. I guess my chances of winning this challenge are really not that great.  But I have my camera ready just in case. ha ha

I probably could get it, in a month.

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