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Carolina Wren Behavior

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Good morning, All.  

While watching my feeders this AM, I saw one Carolina Wren take food from a fruit & seed cake and feed it to another Carolina Wren.  I've never seen Carolina Wrens feed together, much less feed each other, so this was exciting.  Would they be a mated pair or parent-offspring (I know it's early, so not sure if they have had time to mate and reproduce?)?

Baldwin co. (coastal), AL

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Yes, I'd think that would be mating behavior. It usually happens in spring. The male gives the female food either for maintaining the bond, "testing" his foraging skills (to see if he can help rear the young), or increasing the female's fitness for egg-laying.

Isn't it really cool to watch? I just saw a male cardinal give food to his mate.

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On 4/1/2020 at 11:33 AM, floraphile said:

I wonder if she thought less of him for shopping at the local deli rather than hunting it down in the wild. ? 

I'm sure she appreciated him restricting unnecessary travel, although it sounds like they need to work on their social distancing.

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