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Eastern or Spotted Towhee

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Spotted (pun intended) September 8, 2015, back when I was still a wee new birder, at Rowe Audubon Sanctuary along the Platte in southern Nebraska. It stayed in the brush, and I never got a great look or shot of it from the side, but from what I could see, it just didn't have the speckling we see a lot of our west. The range is definitely Spotted territory, but Eastern can be found into southern Nebraska along the Platte. It's been calmly sitting in eBird for over four years and someone must have flagged it recently because it popped into my unconfirmed photos. I don't mind changing it to Spotted, but I'm not seeing it. I appreciate second opinions, as well as third and fourth!

Thank you,





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29 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

"White hanky"?  No comprendo.

On the base of the primaries, note the conspicuous white patch that is absent in Spotted Towhees.

Additionally, the warm brown head and dark eyes are supporting features to rule out Spotted.

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