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WA Trip Report- June 2018


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 Birding Trips was one of my favorite forums back before the crash, so I thought I’d help in the effort to make it popular again with a quick recap of my trip to WA state this past June. There were some truly great reports on here back in the day and I hope to see some more in the future. I’m far too lazy (and busy) at the moment to write a full report with photos so I’ll just list the lifers I saw and include a quick comment about them. 

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I had only birded west of the Mississippi once before (Montana last year) this trip so lifers were abundant. 

ABA # 


  1. Glaucous-winged Gull- one of the first species seen after getting off the plane in Seattle. Abundant and the dominant Gull around the Pudget Sound 
  2. Chestnut-backed Chickadee- the most common Chickadee in the state, especially around the Pudget Sound 
  3. Red-breasted Sapsucker- unfortunately, we only had very brief looks at one bird near Seattle. A stunning bird, I look forward to getting better looks in the future 
  4. Pacific-slope Flycatcher- very common around Pudget Sound 
  5. Mountain Quail- brief looks at one bird. Very local in WA, with only one reliable area a bit west of Seattle 
  6. Band-tailed Pigeon- had them at a few spots, but best looks were near Seattle at a flock of about 15 feeding in a yard 
  7. Steller’s Jay- beautiful birds, common 
  8. Anna’s Hummingbird- common in the western half of the state 
  9. Bewick’s Wren- also common 
  10. Hutton’s Vireo- a few around the Pudget Sound 
  11. Barn Owl- two spots, had one bird at Discovery Park near Seattle, and one in Walla Walla Co. in the SE part of the state 
  12. Black-throated Gray Warbler- one bird around Seattle 
  13. Bushtit- actually had a bit of trouble finding these, but once we did, they became very common 
  14. Pigeon Guillemot- common in Pudget Sound 
  15. Marbled Murrelet- surprisingly not hard to find at Point No Point NW of Seattle 
  16. Rhinoceros Auklet- interesting looking birds, common at Point No Point 
  17. Evening Grosbeak- a nemesis, missed in ME and MT. A flyover of 5-6 birds in the Cascades (at a random gas station no less) 
  18. White-headed Woodpecker- one of the main targets of the trip. Found a nest on the east edge of the Cascades 
  19. Black-backed Woodpecker- I’m probably in minority in that I got my Three-toed before my BB. Good looks at one bird in a burn on the east edge of the Cascades 
  20. Tricolored Blackbird- east of the Cascades. A local bird in WA, but reliable in a few spots 
  21. Canyon Wren- heard only 
  22. Sagebrush Sparrow- in a vast sea of sage in the eastern part of the state 
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425. Chukar- introduced, but nonetheless cool looking birds 

426. Common Poorwill- abundant N of Yakima. Saw several individuals with a flashlight and heard many more 

427. Western Screech-Owl- one bird heard at very close range 

428. Sooty Grouse- an unbelievably cooperative and bold female in Mt. Rainier NP 

429. Ferruginous Hawk- I bird I really wanted after missing in MT. Three juveniles in a nest in Walla Walla Co.

430. Long-eared Owl- my favorite bird of the trip. Amazing, close looks at a bird in Walla Walla Co. 

431. Great Gray Owl- my second favorite bird of the trip, and that’s only because we never saw an adult, only three (almost fully grown) juveniles in Walla Walla Co. Even though we didn’t see an adult, the moment that I first got eyes on one of these  will never be forgotten 

432. Northern Pygmy-Owl- one heard only bird that was tantalizingly close in Walla Walla Co. 

433. Black-chinned Hummingbird- feeders in Walla Walla Co. 

434. Lesser Goldfinch- pretty common SE of the Cascades 

435. California Scrub-Jay- along the Columbia

436. Acorn Woodpecker- a good bird for WA in June. A cooperative bird seen just N of the Columbia. 

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437. Black Phoebe- an unreliable bird in June. One bird seen around a nest in N Oregon 

438. Hermit Warbler- Cape Meares, OR. Got out of the car, immediately heard one, and went on to find one of the most obliging warblers I’ve ever seen

439. Common Murre- hundreds and hundreds of the Oregon Coast 

440. Western Gull- the dominant Gull along the N Oregon Coast 

441. Pelagic Cormorant- Common

442. Black Oystercatcher- two brief fly-bys

443. Brandt’s Cormorant- pretty common 

444. Tufted Puffin- strange to see puffins soaring like vultures, Haystack Rock, N Oregon

445. Heermann’s Gull- these were just arriving in WA when I was there. Caught a few along the N edge of the Pudget Sound at the end of the trip 

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