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Ring billed gull?

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Old photos again, think this is a ring billed but unsure because it looks like the ring may be the whole tip of the bill. Also seems to me like the tail is a little long as you can see in picture 2

September, peaks island ME


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thank you for posting. ring-billed gulls are dear to me. ive seen many, but didnt know what they were called until recent time. from a beginner's perspective: i think the bill can often appear to be dark at the entire end, especially dependent on lighting and distance, for example; at least in the population ive recently observed, it seems long tails, often pointed upward at an angle, are not too uncommon. i don't know enough to give good pointers on subtle differences between gull types, but i can vouch for these two apparent characteristics not excluding the ring-billed gull. 

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Do you own a field guide? I ask, because first-year Ringers start with a virtually entirely dark bill and as they age through their first month or so, the bill color changes to pinkish with a dark bill tip, not a ring.

Juvenile plumage

A youngster only barely started into molt into first basic plumage and with abnormally dark bill for so late in year

First basic plumage


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