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Hawk/kestrql blue?!

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Wow, crazy! The blue color is definitely not natural... the only bird I can think of that looks like that is Barn Owl but this bird is definitely a hawk. It couldn't have gotten into paint or all the feathers would have dried together. Maybe some sort of blue dust like chalk line dust?

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3 minutes ago, What hawk? said:

I want to say a red tailed hawk, but the blue was honestly memorizing, extremely vivid, brought it here because I've never seen anything like it.... My thought was a juvenile red tail.

Due to the size and shape, it looks like a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's Hawk... the wings don't come close to reaching the tail tip.

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1 hour ago, Kevin said:

Maybe it toke a bath in water that had been colored blue?

In some areas it is a common practice to add dye to small ponds and water features - maybe someone went overboard on their concentration and then this fella found it. ?

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