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Just seen in my back yard Sun City, AZ

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Hello, I live in the west valley of Phoenix AZ in Sun City and took this snapshot of an unusual bird --probably just passing through. There was a pair and this guy alighted on the flower scape of my blooming aloes  to feast on the tube's nectar, I guess. Beautiful flashes of bright yellow even under the tail.

some think it is a yellow breasted chat...? Hope you can zoom in on my poor pictures!! Sorry.

Please help me identify it. Taken March 29, 2020


20200329_101301 (1).jpg

20200329_101311 (1).jpg

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Welcome to Whatbird!

This looks better for an Orange-crowned Warbler. They often pierce the base of flowers to drink nectar.

Yellow-breasted Chats are larger with a brown back and white undertail coverts.

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Hi all, I have looked at pics of orange-crowned warbler and unfortunately the distinct  bright white "eyebrow" is missing and it's color was so very bright sunny yellow, not the dull yellow of the photos of warbler that I'm reviewing. HOWEVER, I'm thinking you folks know birds an awful lot more than me--so I'll go with your assessment. Cute little fellow--only about 4" long top of head to tip of tail.  Thanks so much for your input. I'm happy to be a member of your group.

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