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cackling or canada?

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I was looking at a picture on facebook of a goose that was first ID'd as canada and then someone commented that the bill was too short and was probably canada. To me, the bill is too long for canada BUT the body sure is small and compact complicating things for me personally. It does not help that there are canadas that can look more cackling and the other way around. I like birds that have definitive features to differentiate.
Anyway... thoughts???

odd looking link, let me know if that doesn't work and I'll find another way to post it.

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20 minutes ago, akandula said:

Definitely Canada. The bird is too bulky and the bill is way too long for a Cackling.

The goose is contracting its neck, so the short-necked appearance is just an illusion.

I was thinking that... It's always kind of funny to me when I see someone offering an ID that's actually opposite of what they're describing. Someone said the bill on that bird was too short of canada... They must not have a lot of experience with cackling to be good with that judgement. I wouldn't have considered the overall bulk of the bird but that bill sure looked too long for cackling... except for on all about birds there's a picture of a taverners cackling where the bill looks a little longer. That's the only reason I didn't want to just come out and say it had to be canada...

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