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Oh I should've added these the first time. I'm not sure the duck on the rock is the same one. The other two photos definitely are the same bird as above. Thanks for the help!




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The first bird looks good for a Mexican Duck x Mallard. Overall similar to a male Mexi but there is too much white in the tail and undertail coverts. The last bird in your second set looks fine for a female Mallard.

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The male is a Mexican Duck. The white on the tail is restricted to the outer webs of the outer rectrices, which typically bleach by this time in many individuals of the various "dark Mallards." This is particularly true of one-year-olds, whose tail feathers are juvenile plumage and have been wearing and bleaching for nearly a year, a feature that enables ducks of most species to be aged as one-year-olds. There is no suggestion of curl in the tail. There are no solidly black under- or upper-tail coverts. This bird is a Mexican Duck.


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