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Dumb(est) question of the day - inserting text between photos.

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My grandchildren mock me constantly because of my limited interweb skills.

I have tried several times to achieve the following for a post:

Line 1 - Text

Line 2 - Photo

Line 3 - Text

Line 4 - Photo

My problem is between Line 2 and Line 4. I don't see a space to insert text before adding the next photo (I add photos directly from my PC).

I have tried adding both photos and then inserting text in between but no luck.

Any response will have to be excruciatingly simple (no-one else seems to have this problem).

Assuming a positive outcome I am hoping @Aveschapines will then delete this for all time.

PS. Lost my internet (and home phone) for a week - long story - but great to be connected again.

Any insight very much appreciated (although I suspect this may not go well).


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@RobinHood for what it's worth I have never found a way to insert text between photos either, at least on the new forum. I could just fine on the old forum. I think the problem maybe due to the fact that on the old forum I was inserting photos from SmugMug. Now I'm inserting directly from my PC.

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17 minutes ago, Kerri said:

Here is a visual that may help

Brilliant - this made my day (and so fast).

Turns out that copying and pasting permits inter photo text. I don't feel as silly as I thought I would.

Example of my success in LOL.

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I suggest pasting your 'Line 2' photo and pressing the Enter key.  After that, the cursor should be positioned for you to enter your 'Line 3' text.  Do that before you paste your 'Line 4' photo.

In other words, don't paste all your photos at once and then try to insert the text in between.  Insert text, paste photo; repeat.

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For whatever reason, pasting photos does not work for me. I've tried both of the paste options in the right click menu, as well as control V. The only way I've been able to insert a photo is with the "Click to choose files" file locator.

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if your adding links to fliker you can just add one  photo at a time and put the  text before yo paste the link, it wont post the actual photo until you hit the submit button

iv never actually tried to put photos directly from my PC onto this site.



Pic one

49718946921_cdfc6677e6_k.jpgSpider Pair Anahuc NWR by johnd1964, on Flickr


pic 2


49319411061_dc5d531084_k.jpgEarly Landing by johnd1964, on Flickr


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