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From today. The bird in question is the one with rufous coloring and black legs. My first call was a Western, but the more I look at it, the less sure I am. The rufous seems too low on the wing (not up on the scapular); the bill might be too short; and the rows of white dots on the wing don't "read" right. It seems possible that it's a Least Sandpiper with muddy legs (If so, it was somehow one of 30 at this location to not keep its legs clean this morning). I've included a second shot that includes a non-breeding Least for comparison (I think). Rather confused.



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That looks like a juvenile Least. If you look closely at the first shot, the legs look "lumpy" and there's a bit on the upper part of the right leg where it seems to disappear, indicating that there's some paler color there.

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