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Barred Owls Behind My Property

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I have a few more questions about these owls that have moved in behind my property.  I'm hoping that someone on here knows more about them.  It seems like there are at least 2 of them but maybe more.  They hoot about 30 minutes before dark and about 30 minutes after sunrise every morning.  My first question is...  Do you think that they have found a nest site and are planning on raising owls?  They have a lot of competition with the Red-Shouldered Hawks that live there but I guess they hunt at night and the hawks do not?   We have a very large chipmunk and grey squirrel population so is that what the owls will be eating?   Is there anything that I can do to get a better look at them?  They seem to be very good and not being seen.   Thanks for the information on this.   I have never spent much time researching owls because I have never had them so close to me. 

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I suspect that the Barred Owls you're hearing, @tclarkwood, have already taken up a nest and are possibly already raising their young. All About Birds has live nest cams from Indiana with two chicks just hatched on April 11, 2020. With incubation being 28-33 days, that means these eggs were laid sometime back towards the beginning-middle of March. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/barred-owls/

Keep your eyes, and ears, open, you may be able to get a glimpse of the adults flying to and from the nest as they feed any young they might have. 

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