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On my mid-morning walk today (14 Apr 2020) I saw a group of 3 swallows hunting very close to a fallow field of stubble.  They were too far away to ascertain color and I did not see obvious forked tails,  but had only my eyes and no bins.  I did not hear the chittering of Chimney Swifts, but, again, may have been too far to be within earshot.    I was favoring Purple Martin at the time, but they are high hunters.  Thoughts?

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It's unanswerable. Swallows forage where the food is at the time. If it's high, then high; low, then low. In inclement weather, swallows, even Purple Martins, can forage on the deck. In cold snaps, all typically forage low over water, as the water generally moderates the temperature, allowing hardy insects to fly.

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