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Praire Warbler and Caspian Tern?

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1 hour ago, AlexHenry said:

That's a Royal Tern, no? Wings on Caspian would be much broader.

I think royal as well after doing some more reading - beak seems a bit too orange - probably would be more black on Wing tips and maybe a bit too early for this area?

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Caspian Tern has a more gull-like shape with broader-based wings with more broad, rounded tips. This bird in your picture has super thin pointy wings, like I would expect with Royal Tern. This was the first thing I noticed, and if you are seeing a tern in flight (unless it is very close), these details of shape will probably also be the first thing you'll notice.

While its kinda hard to tell because of the distance, the bill also looks good for Royal. Caspian Tern has a very robust (huge for a tern) beak which is mostly red. The bird in your picture has a slimmer, more orange colored beak, as you mention.

Not sure about how range/date factors into it. I've never been to Florida so I don't have local knowledge about your bird life or the timing/phenology of your bird migrations. But I'm pretty sure that's a Royal Tern. (Unless you have Elegant Terns as well in Florida?)

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