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Bird with big red feet

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7 minutes ago, birdbrain22 said:

I am gonna suggest a Green Heron... bright orange legs and feet. They Greenish color sometimes can look gray in the lighting.   



Sorry, I missed the tree-tree part... a gull will not be landing in a tree at all. Green Herons would probably not be moving tree-tree-tree also. Rock Dove seems a good choice.

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7 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I've seen Greenies move tree to tree, although I've never seen one chased so their behavior may be different when being harrassed.

I was taking it as many tree-tree jaunts/flights... I've seen them move between 2 or 3... but not more than that. Doesn't mean it does not happen of course. And I guess the OP could mean chasing, when it was "chasing" but really basically hopping from one tree to another... who knows. 

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