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Hello, all pictures were taken in Southern Ontario just north of Toronto. The first 4 were on Aug 12. The last two were yesterday. 

Photo 1 - Another Least Sandpiper? I thought it looked bigger than the others.

Photo 2 - All Lesser Yellowlegs? I thought the one on the far left looked smaller...

Photos 3 & 4 - Originally was thinking Merlin, now am not sure

Photos 5 & 6 - Greater Yellowlegs? It sure did seem larger the other birds there. Pic 5 has a Green wing teal for some size comparison.

Thank you! 













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1) I think you're right with Least. It does look rather big and bulky, but I can't really see it as a Pectoral.

2) Yes, all LEYE.

3-4) Yes, Merlin

5-6) The front bird is a Greater, the one in the back looks like a Lesser to me.

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