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27 minutes ago, birdbrain22 said:

I couldn't tell much from the first pics... but these new ones, especially the one with wings open... have me thinking leucistic Northern Mockingbird.

Yeah, the shape and length of the bill, tail, and wings in the first of the two new photos (third photo overall), along with the relatively long legs, sure look a Northern Mock to me too.  Good call, @birdbrain22.

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10 minutes ago, Melierax said:

I'm seeing a crest. I still think Eastern Phoebe is a good bet.

You're right, it does have a crest, but I still think it's the wrong proportions for an Eastern Phoebe (head's too small).  Maybe a Great Crested Flycatcher or a Blue Jay?

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1 hour ago, lonestranger said:

Just for the sake of discussion, is it possible this is a leucistic Gray Catbird?  The dark eyes and tail shape seem like a possible match to these untrained eyes.

The cap looks grayish... for s Catbird, I would think it should be darker since those feathers have pigment. Plus the under wing pattern looks like a mockingbird(just reversed).

@The Bird Nuts I agree it is not a Phoebe. As far as a crest goes.. are you talking about the last pic? I am not sure that is a crest or just some windblown or out of place feathers.  Another thing is...in the second pic, it looks like a yellowish eye.

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