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Cinnamon x Blue-Winged Hybrid?

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Hillsboro, OR 4/26

I spotted this interesting Teal associating with male Cinnamon and Blue-Winged Teal. Aside from the head, the spotted flanks don't seem right for eclipse plumage or gynandromorphism, possibly suggesting BWTE ancestry?




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I’m not sure about this, but this is my opinion. This obviously isn’t a CITE x NOSH hybrid due to bill shape and characteristics. We can also rule out GWTE x CITE by body shape and head pattern. Due to the spotting on the sides, this has to be a CITE x BWTE. It has to be a male bird, due to its overall pattern. But the odd thing is almost all hybrids I’ve seen photos of have a strong BWTE pattern on their face. In the photo you can see a faint blueish tinge around the edge of the head. I have two guesses to what this could be. This bird could be molting out of eclipse plumage, which is very late for it to do. Or it’s a backcross. One of its parents was a hybrid and the other was a pure bird. It would make sense if it was the latter option that Cinnamon would be the pure bird, but it’s very dull in color. Those are my best guesses. I feel confident that this is a hybrid, but I don’t know why it has this weird plumage. 

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