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First Parrot and others So. Cal

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I set out to get a parrot and that is just what I did.  All taken yesterday in Southern California on a beautiful evening in the woods/fields

1) Red-Crowned Parrot (99% sure)



2) Lesser Gold Finch 


3) Red-Tailed Hawk, I think.  It usually is. 


4) At first I thought Western Tanager.  Couldn't get a clean shot.


5) I thought lesser gold finch again, but looked different.




6) No idea


So a successful day for my first parrot (at least a photo) and maybe some other new ones.

Thank you for any and all help.





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Posted (edited)

All guesses are correct. I’m not sure about the tanager though. It could be an oriole. The mystery bird is a Warbling Vireo

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1 minute ago, bpresby said:


We do have Hooded Orioles in this area and I've seen on this same hike.  



I’ve cropped the photos and they look good for tanager

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