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last night we camped out in tents in our back yard (to test our young kids... and our sleeping pads). in the middle of the night i woke and heard a bunch of hooting/talking back and forth going on. i have heard the 'who cooks for you' from a barred owl in the woods by us so im certain we have at least 1 around, though i did not hear the 'who cooks for you' last night.  i can say with relative confidence due to how the hoot sounded and ebirds bar charts, that i probably heard a few barred owls last night.

i awoke again later... probably in the 3-4am range and heard more hooting... but it was a little different. then i thought i heard the crow of a rooster. i even opened my eyes to see if it was starting to light. it wasnt. i dont know of any chickens near me, but there is a place a few houses down an adjacent road that has horses and, i suppose, could have chickens too... or anyone could for that matter. and heres where it gets odd. the rooster i heard (for the sake of argument well say definitively it was a rooster going off way too early) went off a couple/few times then i heard what sounded like an owl trying to mimic the rooster.  the rooster would crow then the owl would try to copy it. after about 3 attempts the owl basically had it down to where the rooster would crow and the owl would answer back. this went on for quite a while. i almost went into the house for my  phone so i could record it... but it was not worth getting cold (53) and wet (dew) to do so.


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7 hours ago, Viurre said:

Have you compared it to the sound of a Barred owl?

i did, but im comparing it to memory... after waking up in the middle of the night... so yeah... 

my wife did confirm there is someone near with chickens/roosters. suppose it *could* be two of them going off to early... but man, i swear it sounded just like an owl hooting


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1 hour ago, TheycallMetheDocta88 said:

I've heard this same rooster sounding bird or owl deep in the woods. It is slightly different then a rooster and I have not been able to match it to any owl either here in NJ.  Although for me I heard them all around dusk.

Welcome to Whatbird!

If you ever get a recording, people here might be able to help you with it.

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