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Birds from Today in South Central PA

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1. Large bird of prey flew overhead, my picture is terrible because it was really early and dim out. Is there any way to tell what this is? I tried to lighten it the best I could. 


2. Philadelphia Vireo?




3. Northern Rough Winged Swallow?




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First one looks more like a Turkey Vulture to me.

For the second...are all three pictures of the same bird? the one on the bottom right looks different. The other two look like Warbling Vireos but the third looks like a Philadelphia Vireo because of its rounder shape. 

Last I would agree with Northern Rough-Winged.

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11 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

The first is definitely a young Bald Eagle.  Turkey Vultures have white flight feathers and dark wing coverts.  #2 looks good for a Warbling Vireo.  It lacks the dark lores, dark cap, and yellow throat of a Philly.

Ok, I think I was more thrown off by the tail. Don't Bald Eagles usually have more fanned out tails?

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